i'm still here..

I found the pieces in my hand..
They were always there
It just took some time to understand
You gave me words I just can’t say
So if nothing else
I’ll hold n while you drift away
Cause everything you wanted me to hide
Is everything that makes me feel alive
Cities grow, rivers flow
Where you are, I’ll never know
But I’m still here
If you were right and I was wrong
Why are you the one that’s gone
I’m still here..
Seeing the ashes in my hear
The smile, the widest
When I cry inside and my insides blow apart!
I tried to wear another face
Just to make you proud
Just to make you put in my place
But everything you wanted to take from me,
Is everything that I could never be
Maybe tonight
It’s gonna be alright
I will get better
Maybe today
It’s gonna be okay
I will remember
I held the pieces of my soul
I was shattered
And I wanted you to come and
Make me whole
When I saw you yesterday
But you didn’t noticed
And you just walked away
Cause everything you wanted me to hide
The lights go out,
The bridges burn
Once you’re gone, you can’t return
I’m still here
Remember how you used to stay
I’d be the one to runaway
But I’m still here…*
(*Lagunya Vertical Horizon..
Untuk kenangan yang harus kulupakan)

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